Million Eyes opens new office in Cape Kafel, Bulgaria

Million Eyes is increasing its presence in Bulgaria following the purchase of a derelict office building in Cape Kafel, the second biggest city in the country after the capital, Sofia.

Julian Nash, Head of Global Real Estate and Facilities, made the announcement at a press conference held by Cape Kafel Mayor Valentina Petrov last Wednesday.

“With this expansion, Cape Kafel will become a key engineering hub for Million Eyes,” said Nash. “We have started recruiting across many specialty engineering fields, including positions for METV, and we’re excited to start putting this vibrant but underrated city on the map.”

The old building, which was damaged by flooding after cyberterrorists hacked into the building’s connected baths and caused them to overflow, is in the process of being demolished. The new building that will take its place is set to be powered by 100% renewable energy and create 300 new jobs.

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