We are NOT associated with this ludicrous book

Million Eyes would like to make it abundantly clear that we have nothing to do with the new book that’s been released by some author called C.R. Berry. Mr Berry is nothing more than a conspiracy theorist with some screws loose (or missing).

We hope it is mere coincidence that Mr Berry has used our name in the title of his book, “Million Eyes: Extra Time”. The “Extra Time” is something to do with this being a companion piece to another book he’s got coming out, simply called “Million Eyes”. It’s a collection of silly short stories about time travel being involved in famous events.

We strongly object to this egregious abuse of our name. However, there is little we can do as “Million Eyes”, like many names, is not a registered trademark. It’s why we were not able to sue that annoying little twirp Loïc Nottet for releasing a (incredibly whiny) song called “Million Eyes” in 2016.

But just like the 2010 horror film about stranded skiers, “Frozen”, absolutely does not feature any animated talking snowmen called Olaf, we want to reiterate that this “Million Eyes: Extra Time” book is NOT about us.

After all, apparently these stories are about a mysterious organisation of time travellers having something to do with JFK’s death, the Loch Ness Monster and Paul McCartney. What nonsense! Million Eyes is a technology company. What need would we have for time travel?

[Whoever publishes this post, please can you make sure you remove the link to the “Million Eyes: Extra Time” download page. I put that there simply for internal information purposes. And please also make sure you delete this comment.]

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  1. Definitely a coincidence – and an annoying one at that. I mean, come ON – who on Earth (or any other reality) could possibly believe this drivel?? Doppelganger pop stars. Assassinations. People who can “see” things. Insanity. The only way out is through – Million Eyes™ is so much bigger than any silly book, surely The People won’t be distracted by such nonsense…

    (I absolutely did NOT receive compensation in the form of a MEye or MEcar or MEimplant in exchange for this post. This is my honest, humble, unchanging, ever-constant, timeless opinion.)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Jill-Elizabeth, and your support. We have so many people asking us whether C.R. Berry’s conspiracy theories are anything to do with us and it is becoming tiresome. Million Eyes are doing a lot of good in this world and unfounded accusations about us being time travellers are highly damaging to our work. If only time travel were real! We could go back and erase Mr Berry’s existence!

    By the way, do you have our latest MEphone? It was launched at the beginning of this month and has the MElookgood and MEgarden apps for free! http://millioneyes.co.uk/2019/11/04/new-mephone-14-launches-with-exciting-new-apps/

  3. FINALLY – a company that gets it! I am delighted to hear that Million Eyes is willing to address the elephant in the room – personal messiness. I am already on my way to the nearest retailer to get my new MEphone – thanks to my MEcar, I can write to you AND travel about my business at the same time. I don’t know what I would do without your life-enhancing technology. Go around with broccoli in my teeth and a phone that’s always dead like my ridiculous brother-in-law, I suppose! Thank you for saving me from THAT fate… Long live ME!!

  4. You know what they say… there’s no smoke without fire, apart from vaping of course. Why would this Berry chap (or have you just assumed that C.R. Berry is a Mister?) pick on such a powerful company as Million Eyes without some sort of justification?

  5. This is starting to sound more likely – I hear that Million Eyes used their time travel technology to go back and ‘correct’ the election to a win for Boris. Typical example of the government being in the pocket of big business.

  6. What election? Which ‘Boris’ and what did he ‘win’? I’m not sure you’re remembering events correctly, Mr Pope. Please contact me personally and we can discuss these ‘memories’ you’ve been having. In the meantime, you would do well to stop peddling these lies about time travel technology.

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