New MEphone 14 launches with exciting new apps

The latest version of the world’s favourite smartphone has arrived.

The new model has a nitrogen-oxygen fuel cell, which means it runs on air. It also comes with multi-angle face ID, improvements to low light photos, a quadruple-lens rear camera and a shatter-proof casing made from duck bone.

Most importantly for IoT fans is that our hugely popular app, MElookgood, is installed for free. This connects to all the MEcameras in your home and office and tells you whether your face is clean, your hair is appropriately groomed, and your clothes are free of creases, saving you from having to buy and use mirrors.

Another sought-after IoT system is the MEgarden. So we’ve included the MEgarden app for free as well. The MEgarden is a comprehensive garden monitoring and tracking system that tells your when your lawn needs mowing, your flowers need watering and your birdfeed needs topping up.

“The MEphone 14 is by far the most intelligent, secure, durable and beautifully finished phone ever made,” says Anthea Fropkems, Head of MEphone Development. “All the decisions we’ve made are aimed at setting it apart from everything that’s come before, from the in-built security to the breadth of apps to the casing made from the leg bones of ducks.”

The MEphone 14 is available now from MEstores and all good phone retailers.