First Million Eyes-produced TV series, “Paint”, coming to MEss in January 2020

Paint is coming.

We’re pleased to announce that the first-ever Million Eyes-produced TV series, Paint, will be available to watch on the Million Eyes streaming service (MEss) from January 1st 2020.

Paint is a new sitcom starring rising star Cory Pincas in his first TV role. He will play a man who is painting his house pale green and suddenly remembers that he meant to paint it pale blue. He’s forced to go to the shops to buy some new paint and then has to come home and paint over the green, with predictably hilarious results. Early reviews have already called Paint one of the funniest and most inventive comedies ever made.

Also in the works at Million Eyes is a gritty crime drama called No Way Back. No Way Back is about a detective in a country village who has to solve her most difficult case yet: the theft of a Mars bar from a corner shop where there is absolutely no evidence. As she chases down suspects, further thefts occur, culminating in the horrific vandalism of a road sign that shocks the village. Will she find the perpetrator before more signs are damaged?

And most recently commissioned is a new movie called Love Story, an unconventional romance about a man who falls in love with a woman.

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  1. This is a radical departure for streaming TV. The plethora of new services that are being launched or about to be launched will need to work very hard to attract the ever-diminishing audience.
    But have ME got the right recipe for thrilling new drama and compelling series that will ensure viewers stay beyond the free first month? It will be very instructive to see. I will be keen to form an unimpeded opinion so I shall not be drinking anything (alcoholic) while watching this series. Yes, I for one will be watching Paint dry.

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