Congestion increasing on roads despite a rise in MEcar sales, says new Million Eyes report

A new report by Million Eyes has revealed that congestion on the roads is getting worse despite increasing numbers of MEcars and other driverless vehicles.

According to Twin Pines research, traffic jams are slowing down the global economy to the tune of £22 trillion a week. Our report lists several reasons why this is happening.

First, there are now more cars on the road because children, the elderly and other people who could not or would not drive conventional cars are using driverless cars instead of public transport. In addition, driverless cars are being used for one-way trips and driving themselves back while empty.

Second, only MEcars and their powerful artificially intelligent software are truly capable of responding appropriately to all road scenarios. Other brands of driverless cars have been falling seriously short in this area, causing accidents that have led to more congestion, such as the vehicle that mistook a squirrel for a human in Alabama and caused a seven-car pileup.

Scarlet Desnies, Head of Vehicular Development at Million Eyes, says, “We hope that when MEcars become the only brand of driverless car on the road, accidents like the Alabama squirrel incident won’t happen and congestion will ease. But it is difficult to foresee what the ultimate impact will be because we’re expecting the numbers of cars on the roads to increase. Frankly, if you ask me, there are just too many people on this planet and we ought to restrict the stupid from breeding and cull the elderly. (Please don’t include that last comment.)”

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