New app to help homeless people over Christmas

Homeless person all warm and snuggly in shop doorway after using new MEdoorway app

We’re showing our commitment to helping the poor and needy this Christmas by launching a new app to help homeless people find shelter.

The app is called MEdoorway and allows homeless people to use their MEphones to find empty shop doorways where they can sleep for the night. As with all Million Eyes apps, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just open it up and it’ll track your location and direct you to the nearest options.

“It’s like the Airbnb of the homeless world,” says Hasheem Leos-Hewett, head of MEls (Million Eyes life suite). “We really believe that MEdoorway is going to make a huge difference to those poor unfortunate souls in pain, in need, this one longing to be thinner, that one wants to get the girl… Haha, sorry, that was The Little Mermaid. Seriously though, we believe MEdoorway could really turn things around for homeless people. So many roughing it on the streets have no protection from the rain or snow come nightfall. MEdoorway gives them instant access to comfy, clean and safe shop entrances. We’re very proud to be helping our communities and would like to wish every homeless person out there a merry and dry Christmas.”

MEdoorway is available for free on the new MEphone 14, currently trading at £799.99 from MEstores.

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