New PR manager joins Million Eyes to deal with recent issues

New public relations manager Erma Fenagak joins Million Eyes this week to help us deal with the C.R. Berry fallout. It’s been an ugly few weeks here at Million Eyes. While sales of MEcs, MEphones and MEcars remain strong, we know that there are people out there blaming us for all kinds of absurd things […]

It’s all lies! We are NOTHING to do with C.R. Berry’s bonkers new book

I am sincerely hoping to put some minds at rest with this post. I ask that you read with an open mind. It emerged recently that an ex-history teacher, Gregory Ferro, was making wild accusations about time travellers on his blog, Mr Ferro has been saying that time travellers were responsible for the shooting […]

Please ignore all associations being made between Million Eyes and Gregory Ferro’s ‘time travellers’

It has been brought to our attention that an ex-history teacher turned blogger, Gregory Ferro, has been publishing outlandish articles about time travellers tampering with established history. Mr Ferro believes time travellers were responsible for the shooting of William II, the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower and the car crash that killed Princess […]

The 2G-3G switch-off – what your approach should be

5G is here and before long 6G will be on its way. The newest generation of cellular technology is already making waves, enabling applications that just weren’t possible before. Virtual/augmented reality, driverless cars, smart cities, edge computing and connected baths are now a part of our everyday and working lives thanks to 5G. Thus far, […]

Million Eyes opens new office in Cape Kafel, Bulgaria

Million Eyes is increasing its presence in Bulgaria following the purchase of a derelict office building in Cape Kafel, the second biggest city in the country after the capital, Sofia. Julian Nash, Head of Global Real Estate and Facilities, made the announcement at a press conference held by Cape Kafel Mayor Valentina Petrov last Wednesday.