The 26th essential element for life

MElement is our all-encompassing software suite, where you’ll find systems and applications for every conceivable purpose.

MElement includes:

  • MEos (Million Eyes operating systems)—the operating systems for MEcs and MEphones
  • MEps (Million Eyes productivity suite)—includes word processors, spreadsheets, photo and video editors, web builders, presentation programs, messaging and communications apps, and collaboration tools
  • MEbs (Million Eyes business suite)—comprehensive software for CRM, business management, ITSM, accounting and field service management
  • MEow (Million Eyes online world)—cloud platforms and services for software development, storage, mobile services, data management, IoT device management and more
  • MEls (Million Eyes life suite)—our dedicated apps for home management, health, banking, shopping, gaming, dating, navigation, events and more
  • MEss (Million Eyes streaming service)—an unfathomably vast video and audio library comprising billions of movies, TV series, albums, podcasts and audiobooks from all over the world

See? We weren’t kidding. We’ve thought of everything.