Welcome to the TV revolution

Studies show that people don’t really watch TV anymore. They just have it on in the background while they play on their phones. And while phones are cool, Million Eyes are determined to make what’s on the telly the centre of attention again.

Enter METVs, specially designed for the shortest of attention spans. The real-world-resolution (RWR) picture quality is chemically enhanced to immerse the viewer like never before. The milliphonic sound is as crisp and clear as if the action was actually happening in your living room. You won’t just watch movies anymore. You’ll be in them.

METVs are remoteless and respond intelligently to voice commands. You also get access to all the apps you could possibly want, including MEss, the Million Eyes streaming service, where all the best movies and TV shows live.

Browse our range of METVs and discover a viewing experience like no other.