Rule your personal world

No one should be without a MEye. These highly advanced, artificially intelligent virtual assistants connect to all your other Million Eyes-branded devices and any other smart devices you have in your home or workplace.

Use your MEye to:

  • Prepare and dispense food and drinks
  • Regulate temperature and lighting
  • Open and close windows and shutters
  • Park or move your MEcar*
  • Play music, podcasts and audiobooks from MEss (Million Eyes streaming service)
  • Set alarms and timers
  • Make calls and send messages
  • Ask questions
  • Check and manage your calendar
  • Check traffic conditions
  • Manage to-do lists

Your MEye’s voice control system is customisable and can speak to you in whichever voice you choose. Pick from any of the 250 voices in its database (which includes the voices of A-list celebrities, performers, and voice artists from all around the world) or give it the voice of a friend or loved-one. Just upload a selection of voice recordings and your MEye will replicate it.

And being an AI, your MEye will get better at organising your life the more you use it, adapting to your behaviours and predicting the things you want or need.

*It is an offence for a driverless car to travel at speeds exceeding 15mph without an occupant according to Section 4(2)(b) of the Autonomous Vehicle Act 2018